Online Teaching Weekend

The Essentials of Neuropsychiatry
BNPA Neurology and Psychiatry Oxford Teaching Weekend
10th to 12th December 2021



Given the continued uncertainty over in-person meetings, this year’s event will take place virtually.

We are therefore delighted to invite you to join us for this leading educational programme which will include a series of lectures and video sessions covering the key areas of neuropsychiatry.

The overall purpose of the BNPA teaching weekend is to cover topics in the middle ground between neurology and psychiatry that are often neglected in specialist training. Bridging the gap between the two subjects will enhance the education of trainees in both subjects and ultimately benefit the lives of people with disorders at the interface of psychiatry and neurology.

The course programme has been refined over the past decade. Our regular speakers will review the basics of each topic, including cutting-edge, clinical research, evidence-based interventions and practical guidelines for participants. The course content will range over the fundamentals of the neuropsychiatric exam and relevant ancillary tests; the neuropsychiatry of epilepsy ,dementia, movement disorders, functional disorders, sleep disorders, brain injury, schizophrenia and neurodevelopmental disorders. We aim to inspire as well as instruct, so we have leavened the mix with some talks that will give glimpses of exciting current research on mind and brain. The speakers are all internationally recognised experts in their fields and previous participants have found the teaching weekends both stimulating and enjoyable.

Whilst the programme will largely follow the successful format from previous years, this year sees a change with the event taking place online.

Participants will receive a course handbook which will include the ppt slides from each talk, related chapters and relevant papers. They will also have unlimited online access to the recorded talks and the opportunity to interact through live Q&A with key clinical and research experts in neuropsychiatry.

Feedback from previous attendees rates the Teaching Weekend as a “must attend” event for any registrar looking to advance to a consultant role in this field.

This year’s course promises to be every bit as popular and engaging as the previous weekends – indeed, we anticipate that the virtual format of the event may well encourage a greater attendance than the in-person events.

The programme will commence at 11:00 on Friday 10th December and conclude at 12:00 on Sunday 12th December.

The course is designed to break even. The costs are covered by delegate fees, which we keep to a minimum together with educational grants from the Pharmaceutical Industry.


“One of the best teaching courses I have participated in. Congratulations.”

“Fantastic and very informative meeting highlighting the interface between neurology and psychiatry.”

“Extremely useful. I would recommend this course to other trainees.”

“I was very pleased and impressed with course content and organisation.”