Call for Abstracts

Now that summer is out of the way, preparations are well underway for the next BNPA conference on the 14th, and 15th March 2024, to be held at the Royal College of Physicians, London.

We have developed a great programme for you all and we hope that you will be able to mark the date in your diary. More details will follow.

Register via eventbrite:

In-person registration includes attendance at the Thursday evening reception.

The theme for next year’s meeting will look at the effect of environment and context in neuropsychiatry. For example, how does deprivation in early years affect neuropsychiatric disease? Do neuropsychiatric diseases like dementia present differently in different cultures or in resource poor environments?

Of course, we create our own contexts. Why do we think that some disorders belong in psychiatry while others belong in neurology? Do diseases shift between the two specialties over time, and if so, why? We shall explore why some psychiatric symptoms or episodes of psychosis have a “psychiatric” aetiology while others have a “neurological” cause. Can we, as humble clinicians, ever accurately determine which is which?

Then of course, we can consider how our immediate surroundings affect us. How does our interaction with social media, for example, affect how we think about ourselves, and how we might develop or manifest conditions like depression?

To take matters to the extreme, how can we alter our environment to make diseases less prevalent or easier to diagnose? Can we employ artificial intelligence to change our environment or speed up the diagnostic process? What biases do we introduce into our diagnostic pathway when instructing AI systems, and what can we learn about ourselves by examining AI systems?

These are some of the questions we hope to explore with you all in March 2024. We hope that you will find it as captivating and interesting as we will. Please join us for what promises to be an amazing meeting.